2005 Sikorsky S-76C+
2005 Sikorsky S-76C+

Price: SOLD

Pre-Owned Sikorsky S-76C+ Aircraft, VIP Deluxe Executive Configuration.

Details - 24th October, 2014:
  • Date of Manufacture: February 2005
  • Serial Number: 760583
  • Total Airframe Hours (24 Oct 2014): 2190.00 Hours
  • Total Landings: 5655
  • Turbomeca ‘Arriel’ 2S1 engines
  • Engine Hours No. 1: 2093.20 hrs. Engine Hours No. 2: 2190.00 hrs
  • Engine Cycles: No. 1: C1:3985 C2:3876 Engine Cycles No. 2: C1:4122 C2:3968
  • Built to FAA/EASA Specification
  • No Damage, Accident or Incident History
General Equipment:
  • Crashworthy designed fuselage
  • Tinted cabin windows
  • Tail boom with fixed horizontal stabilizer
  • Upper deck with fittings for main gearbox, engines, hydraulics and cooling systems
  • Cowlings for main transmission and engines
  • Retractable undercarriage (including emergency down system)
  • Dual engine fire protection system
  • Emergency floatation system
  • Maintenance built-in steps
  • ELT system
  • External boarding steps L.H. & R.H.(retractable)
  • Exterior paint - Ivory upper surfaces, Green lower surfaces and metallic gold stripes
  • Two hinged doors
  • Completed in black
  • Carpeted
  • Portable fire extinguisher
  • Flight controls (pilot and copilot side)
  • Removable copilot controls
  • Height adjustable pilot and copilot seats
  • Headset hooks
  • Air Comm flight deck heater
  • 2 x Dual EFIS
  • Digital engine instrumentation
  • Central warning panel
  • Airspeed indicator
  • Triple tachometer (rotor and N2)
  • Vertical speed indicator
  • Encoding altimeter
  • Weather radar
  • Clock
  • Door open warning system
  • Pitot static system (electrically heated)
  • Interior paneling with integrated VIP sound proofing
  • Interior ‘Cocoon’ noise reduction system
  • Passenger crew call
  • Passenger soft lighting
  • Bleed air heating system automatically controlled
  • Air conditioning system
  • Fresh air vents
  • Illuminated “No Smoke & Fasten Seat belts” sign
  • Digital passenger briefing system
  • VIP Configuration - Seating for 6 passengers:
  • 3 x Forward facing seats
  • Fold down centre table
  • 3 x Aft facing seats
  • Fold down centre table
  • Fully carpeted with leatherette interior & gold plated fixtures
  • Standard Configuration - Seating for 8 passengers:
  • 4 x Forward facing seats
  • 4 x Aft facing seats
  • Fully carpeted with leatherette interior
Power Plant:
  • Two Turbomeca Arriel 2S1 engines compete with:
  • Fire detectors
  • Engine control DECU (with manual reversion)
  • Chip detectors with fuzz burn capability
  • Oil cooling and lubrication system with thermostatic valve
  • Fuel filler flap, lockable
Transmission System:
  • Main gearbox with three stage reduction. Quiet technology gearing.
  • Electrical chip detectors with check capability
  • Oil cooling and lubrication system
  • Free wheel assemblies in engine input drive
  • Hydro/mechanical rotor brake system
  • Intermediate gearbox with splash lubrication, oil level sight glass and electric chip/overheat detector
  • Tail rotor drive shaft
  • Tail gearbox with splash lubrication, oil level sight glass and electric chip/overheat detector
Electrical Installation:
  • Power generation system:
  • Two starter/generators
  • Lead Acid battery (40AH)
  • AC generator
  • External power connector
  • Dual inverter
  • Power distribution system:
  • Two primary busbars
  • Two essential busbars
  • Shedding busbar
  • Battery bus
  • B28 Volt Electrical System with two 200 Amp Starter/Generators,
  • 10 KVA AC Generator,
  • Dual 375 VA Static Inverters,
  • Avionics and EFIS Master Switches.
Honeywell EFIS/DAFCS:
  • 4-Tube Honeywell EDZ 756 EFIS with 5" x 6" Indicators Displaying Airspeed, Altitude and Vertical Speed
  • Dual Litef AHRS, Dual Penny and Giles Air Data Computers,
  • Dual Honeywell Digital SPZ 7600 Automatic Flight Control System
  • Altitude Alert.
Rotors and Flight Controls:
  • Fully articulated main rotor head
  • Four metal/composite main rotor blades
  • Four bladed composite tail rotor system
  • Bifilar anti vibration system
  • Basic provision for track and balance built in
  • Adjustable instrument lighting
  • Three position light (red,green,white)
  • One utility light in cockpit
  • Steerable search light
  • 2 x fixed search lights
  • Illuminated no smoking and fasten seat belt sign
  • Cabin reading lights
  • External strobe lights
Avionics Equipment:
  • Collins Proline II:
  • Dual Collins VHF 22C Comms
  • VIR 32 Navs,
  • Single ADF 462 ADF,
  • TDR 90/94D Transponders,
  • DME 42 DME with IND 42A Indicator,
  • ALT 55B Radio Altimeter with Expanded Scale
  • ALI 55A Indicator
Dual dB Systems Audio control panels with ICS and VOX plus three maintenance jacks, one in the cabin and two in the baggage compartment. This also switches, three David Clark Headsets, one six-foot walk-around cord and two 30-foot walk-around cords, Cabin PA/Chime System, and a Passenger Briefing System - PBS 250.

Backup/Safety Systems:
  • 2" Backup Airspeed Indicator and Altimeter,
  • ADI-335D Standby Attitude Indicator with Nav1/Nav2 Select,
  • ELT 100HM,
  • Electric Door Locks - Cabin.
Weather Related Systems:
  • Wx Avoidance Radar - Primus 440,
  • Windshield Washer System,
  • Heated Glass Windshields,
  • Engine Inlet Snow Protection Kit
Radio Equipment Installed:
Single pilot IFR - Cat A certified C14 Skywatch HP
Traffic Advisory System CTL-22 Universal
UNS 1F FMS CDU CTL-32 Universal
UNS GPS-1000 CTL-62 Universal
UNS 1FFMS NCU RX462 Honeywell
Compass gyro CTL-92 JET
JET vert. gyro IND-42A Rockwell Collins
2 x VHF comm. Controller DME 442 Rockwell Collins
2 x NAV controller VIR 432 Rockwell Collins
ADF controller VHF 422C Rockwell Collins
ADF Receiver TDR 90/94D Rockwell Collins
ATC controller FZ-700 DAFCS Rockwell Collins
DME indicator MS-700 Rockwell Collins
2 x DME T/R AZ-649 Rockwell Collins
2 x VHF Nav. Receiver AL-300 Rockwell Collins
2 x VHF T/R 8.33 spacing E9-600 Honeywell
2 x Transponder T/R SG-705 Honeywell
2 x Autopilot MPFR Honeywell
2 x Autopilot controller MX 20 Honeywell
2 x Flight director controller Honeywell
Radar altimeter Indicator Honeywell
2 x Air data sensor Honeywell
Altitude selector Honeywell
2 x Pilot EHSI Honeywell
Radar indicator Honeywell
2 x Symbol generator B&D
2 x SG display contoller Curtiss Wright
B+D TAS computer Keystone STC
CVR/FDR with :- Baker
DVRS EASA Approved System Honeywell
2 x Audio control box Honeywell
Data Nav computer Racal
Data Nav controller Garmin
AVAD voice generator AirCell
Moving Map
Additional Information:
  • Keystone Anti-rattle door locks
  • Keystone mod. for removable Copilot controls
  • Removable cover for collective bearing inspection
  • Dual cabin floor inspection holes LH/RH
  • T/R pedal lub kit
  • Engines on Turbo Meca ‘SBH (Privilege)’
  • Airframe “Sikorsky Power by Hour” on all transmissions
  • For more details contact Stephen A. Ayling on: +44 (0) 1672 811 522
  • The offer for sale of this aircraft is subject to contract and the aircraft may at any time be withdrawn from the market without prior notice.
  • Specification is subject to verification by the purchaser.

2005 Sikorsky S-76C+2005 Sikorsky S-76C+2005 Sikorsky S-76C+2005 Sikorsky S-76C+2005 Sikorsky S-76C+

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