Sikorsky S-76D Deluxe Executive Helicopter

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The New Sikorsky S-76D Corporate Transport

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved the Type Certificate for the S-76D helicopter in October 2012.

The S-76D builds upon the upgrades embodied into the C++ by offering additional product improvements. The S-76D is expected to increase high-and-hot lifting capability by 1,000 lbs pounds thanks to the new PW210S engines and composite main rotor blades.

The use of leading edge technologies with the all new Thales TopDeck cockpit, a 2-speed rotor and an active vibration control system will add for a safer and smoother ride in all conditions.

NEW S-76D Features Include:

NEW Pratt & Whitney Canada PW210S Engine
The PW210S, tailored for the specific needs of S-76D customers, will encompass the latest turbine technologies to provide the best match of power, range, payload, and fuel consumption. The Category A hot takeoff capability will increase by nearly 1,000 pounds, while maintaining the range advantage of the S-76C+.

NEW Composite Main Rotor Blade
The new blade design will draw on the RAH-66 Comanche's "Generation 3" rotor, and will be a scaled-down derivative of the newer-generation aerofoil used on the upgraded UH-60M. Not only will the blade meet the latest FAA safety standards for damage tolerance, but will increase hover performance and cruise efficiency, with almost 300 additional pounds capability for Cat A hot take-off performance and 50 additional nautical miles range compared with today's main rotor blade.

NEW Rotorcraft Icing Protection System (RIPS)
The S-76D will incorporate the same rotorcraft icing protection system (RIPS) currently being certified on the S-92, and will provide the ability to launch into known icing conditions, maximizing the S-76D's dispatch reliability. A state-of-the-art controller for the electrical deiced main and tail rotor blades will minimize the system's power consumption and maximize its reliability.

NEW Quiet Tail Rotor
New Grand Canyon Flyover Compliant Quiet Tail Rotor QTR - The S-76D will add even more comfort and environmentally friendly efficiencies with the New Quiet Tail Rotor. The New Quiet Tail Rotor will produce 2 to 4 dBA exterior noise reduction on takeoff, a 1.5 dBA exterior noise reduction on flyover, and no change in performance, handling or sideward flight capability.

NEW Avionics Suite
The S-76D’s Thales TopDeck cockpit - complete with track-ball cursor control for its PC like interface - represents the most advanced solution specifically designed for helicopter operations. The intuitive design features large-format displays that are consolidated in an efficiently designed console for improved visibility and situational awareness. A synthetic vision system that gives a coloured 3D view of terrain showing clearances is an option.

NEW Streamlined Exterior
The S-76 didn’t get its looks by chance. The original design requirement, set by the offshore oil operators, was to move twelve people, long distances, as efficiently as possible. That has remained a goal for the S-76 team at Sikorsky which is why the S-76D is to get a new feature a new streamlined exterior.

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