Sikorsky S-92 VIP Executive Helicopter

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The Sikorsky S-92 Airline and Corporate Transport

A derivative of the US Army Black Hawk and the US Navy Sea Hawk, the S-92 fulfils a variety of commercial and utility needs, including passenger transport, cargo, aeromedical, search and rescue and resource development support.

Breaking new ground for medium-weight helicopters, the S-92 provides unprecedented levels of safety and reliability. It is the only rotorcraft in the world certified to the latest FAA, EASA and JAA safety regulations and is designed to the latest specifications for flaw tolerance, bird strike capability and turbine burst protection.

The OEI performance of the S92 is eye-watering. The single remaining engine provides TWICE the power of an S61 engine for only 20% more gross weight (2700 HP OEI and 26,000 lbs). In fact, the one engine provides about the same power as the two S61 engines!

The performance and design goals that were originally set out for the S-92 have been achieved:

  • Airline - Transport 19 passengers (@ 210lbs) 476 nm (881 km) Plus 30-minute reserves
  • Offshore - JAR-OPS 3 Performance Class 2e Elevated Helideck Performance
  • VIP - Transport 9 passengers (@ 210lbs) 479 nm (887 km) Plus 30-minute reserves
  • Provide military and civil operators with a true S-61 replacement
  • Substantial reduction in operating costs
  • Incorporation of offshore safety features
  • Low maintenance and high reliability

With the best performance in its weight class, a low purchase price, a roomy interior and noise suppression, the S-92 has an exciting time ahead. The aircraft first flew in December 1998 and FAA Type Certification was achieved in December 2002.

Sikorsky S-92 VIP 9 Passenger VIP Configuration
(Standard day, sea level at 26,500 lb/12,020 kg gross weight
Maximum speed (VNE)
165 kts
306 kph
Maximum continuous cruise speed
151 kts
280 kph
Long range cruise speed
136 kts
258 kph
Mission Range at Long Range Cruise Speed

- with 9 passengers and baggage, with 30 minutes VBR reserve

479 nm
887 km
    - with 9 passengers and baggage, no reserve
548 nm
1,015 km
Service ceiling
14,525 ft
4,572 m
Hover ceiling out of ground effect
6,698 ft
2,042 m
Hover ceiling in ground effect
10,912 ft
3,326 m

Maximum takeoff gross weight, civil configuration
- internal load
26,500 lb
12,020 kg
- useful load
9,096 lb
4,125 kg
Weight empty, 9-place executive transport
17,404 lb
7,894 kg
Operating Weight Empty
17,879 lb
8,110 kg
Maximum fuel load, (internal, standard)
5,130 lb
2,327 kg

Crew seating capacity
Seating capacity, VIP
9-16 passengers
Seating capacity, airline-style seating
19 passengers
Baggage compartment volume
140 cu ft
4.0 m3
Cabin volume
781 cu ft
22.43 m3
Fuel Capacity (internal, standard)
760 US gal
2,877 litres
Passenger cabin length (with bulkhead)
20' 0"
6.10 m
Passenger cabin width
6' 7"
2.01 m
Passenger cabin height
6' 0"
1.83 m

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